This is really a followup to a previous post that I did. Here is the situation. Lightning strike took out my dsl modem and router. No power response when trying to turn on the computer. I fugured the MOBO was fried since network card on MOBO. Got a new MOBO and put video card memory and cpu on it. Got fans to spin us but no beep tones and no video. replaced the processor, memory, PSU and video card. no drives of any sort connected ( hard drive check out okay hooked to another machine). I tried to turn on without memory and got same response. The video card is PCI Express and the PSU is above the requirements for the video card. the only thing still the same is the case and the switch in the case. I dimly remember having to do something when I built the system to make the PCI express card work properly. Any thoughts?? Thanks

use all onboard hw like onboard video,sound,network etc(only those that it has) start it up that way if all is good start replacing your external cards one at a time
??clearly something is wrong

I think I figured it out. Through my own screwup I odered a MOBO that did had the right socket but did not support my processsor. The new one should be here tomorrow and I will find out for sure. Thanks

im just curious did the cpu go in the mobo that you currently have or did you somewhat force it in

No force involved. It was a socket 775 MOBO just did not support core 2 duo.