Hello, anyone can suggest a free software (or paid) which could help me monitor the power usage on my computer system, like how much power is being used by the CPU, GPU, motherboard etc?

With regard to software, I havent seen anything for a single computer. for the Enterprise, I was involved way back wtih the BigFix (now IBM Tivoli) power management solution.

Have you considered just buying a monitor that you can plug in the wall, then plug your device to to monitor the power that is running through? This is what the BigFix team used to get stats from several computer models to come up with their business case.

here is an example of one of these devices:

thanks for mentioning this device

I found a software Uniblue local cooling, which can display the amount of energy being used in Watts for the most common devices found on a PC/laptop

thanks for the update. Looks like a neat application.

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