Hi guys,

I just purchased a 2GB RAM chip for my Packard Bell DOT S. Most of the DOT S laptops have an access panel for the RAM on the bottom side but mine doesn't as it's the 018 version (the one with the fancy pattern all over it). I was wondering if anyone had any idea as to where the RAM was located on this model and how to go about accessing it easily before i go ahead and start taking it to pieces.

Thanks in advance.

It's ok, I worked it out, so I thought I'd post the resolution incase anyone else was wondering.
Take the keyboard off the front (pop a credit card or something into one of the sides, then where you can actually see it pinned along the top, gently press with a screwdriver and it will pop it free) and unpin the keyboard, then there is literally an eject button located on the right hand side that pops the back panel off, the RAM is located there. Pull the 2 pins apart and it pops out. Just upgraded to 2GB 6400 and I can honestly say, there's definitely a big difference.

hi, I'm having the same issue with the same netbook and your post is very helpful. however I'm stuck as I can't see the "eject button anywhere" -could you please guide me through where exactly should I look for the eject button please? I haven't unpinned the keyboard as I don't know how to do this:( maybe this is the key in all of this? your advice would be very much appreciated. many thanks

Hi Lundi,

Once you have removed the keyboard you will see a guide basically printed on the metal plate underneath, it explains what screws need to be taken out and then there is a small hole to push the screwdriver into that will make the whole bottom of the netbook pop out. If you look at this image here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/54591474@N06/5055191716/ the red circles represent the screws you need to unscrew. The blue circle represent the hole where you need to push something into to eject the bottom.

Hope this helps.

Hi Oneillj,

Thanks a lot for this explanation and the picture! It helps a lot. I will give a go tomorrow and will let you know the result.thanks again...

No problem Lundi, good luck with it. ;-)

Hi Oneillj, I've managed to install the new memory thanks to your advice!! thank you again. it is a bit faster but not hugely - I will work on it for a while and see how it performs in total. Best wishes

Hi, my sincere thanks to the person posting this thread. It was really helpful and thanks a million for the photo. Very kind of you.

This was really helpful thank you very much indeed !!:)

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