help me plz (on my hands and neas?) my pc keeps on rebooting when under stress and when i nugge my pc by acedeint it reboots :(
right because ive been looking around all the forums i noticed a man with a msi mother board (same make as mine) he had the same probs and so i read on and he flashed his bois with new drivers which fixed the problem. I just hope that my pc ant shorting out on anything and gonna make it die :( PLZ HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(spelling errors are my pc fualt ;) ).
thx for all help pinkpig - liam

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This happened to me before. My heatsink was loose, and, anytime someone made a movement near the computer, the BIOS would screen and for the longest time I wondered why my machine was a seismograph. Apparently, one of the plastic pins wasn't able to stick in stably and was responsible for wiggling. All machines do this, at least the modern ones. If the processor is uncovered, the machine reboot-reboot-reboots.

I strongly recommend turning the computer on its side, or taking out the motherboard and laying it on some foamy/nonstaticy stuffs... or both, even better. Test out the stability there, then try resetting the heatsink. Otherwise, go try a new heatsink. If you're unfortunate, your motherboard in particular is too sensitive to heatsinks and is responsible for your troubles. My old ECS hated all three of my heatsinks. The ASUS is very good about them, nonetheless. :cheesy:

cheers m8 ill try the test and tell you the outcome

ok i had to find out more about the heatsink so i took the fan and heatsink off and it look like its been fryed at some time should the thermal gel be like a gel because mine is like a hard dryed out gel i think it got a bit hot before i had it :s is this true?????????

THERMAL GEL will harden after time, clean off what you have with a paper towel, and reapply some new thermo compond. One other thing to note, if you are using too much power somewhere, it will drag down the power supply and cause a reboot. Had this happen to me, was working on a computer and I removed the hard drive and placed it in mine to virus scan. The drive was iffy, and it caused my computer to keep rebooting. I had to turn off my lights, and disconnect two drives to get enough juce to run that drive.

well i got a 530watt power supply so would it still reboot and i dont think i got that good enought specs to suck that much power out of the power supply

Just note, if a device is going bad like the hard drive it may cause reboots, do the heat sinks and keep youre fingers crossed

ok ill do that so u recormend that i just buy a new fan and headsink ???? or just the thermal gel stuff and i got some other things i need some other thing that need sorting would u be happy to sort them for me ????? dont worry if you cant thx any way pinkpig- liam

If you got a new heatsink (make sure it's for your socket), it would come with thermal grease/gel. Master Cooler and Zalman rule.

ok so i get a socket a heatsink and fan coz thats wat mine is wat make do u recomend for me to buy for a 1.8ghz amd athlon mp 2200

Found an excellent little cooler here: Heatsink...

People seem to love it, and I think it fits well theme-wise in most cases. :D Comes with a little syringe of coolant paste too.

thx ill get it i got some upgrades i want to do i wanna get a new cpu and motherboard hear tell me if its pants or ok or good idea to up grade from a amd athlon mp 1.8ghz 2200 to a amd 64 3500+ and the mother board is a msi ms-6750 to a asus a8vm8 seems to be ok tell me wat u think plz here are some links and tell me if you can get it cheaper as well

cant see anything to do with the thermal gel on its page can u tell me plz

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