Hi guys, have been following the forum for a while.

I just received the above monitor from Amazon and the picture just doesn't seem sharp at all and I've tried messing with the Catalyst Control Panel settings, win7 settings and ClearType settings and nothing seems to help the issue.

The colours just appear to be bland. Is it simply that I have purchased a cheap monitor or am I missing something? Do I return it to Amazon and get something else?

Thanks for any help or advice on this!

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The quality of the picture is going to depend on a few things. First of course, the monitor, but a good picture quality also depends on the resolution that the video card can support. In addition, you'll get a better quality picture connecting to your monitor via HDMI or DVI vs VGA.

Thanks for the reply Jorge.

My display reolution is 1920x1080, using an ATI Radeon 4800 HD Series card connected via HDMI.

Either I have been sent a dud or my monitor does not have a power switch - where is it ??? (ACER S240HL) none of the buttons have labels.

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