Hello All,
I have 1 TB External Hard Disk. So, I have Partitioned it into 3 Drives. For this, I have used this Approach :
Using fdisk,
I made two Partition, and then using 2nd Partition, I divided them. By doing this, All Partitions are PRIMARY PARTITIONS.

Now, In all three drives, I have data.
Now, I want to create 4th Active Partition. But, when I am trying to do this, DISK MANAGEMENT creates Logical Drive.

Why this is happened?
How before 3 partitions became PRIMARY PARTITIONS??
Is it possible to create 4th PRIMARY PARTITION.

I know that there are other s/ws are available. But I want to know the cause, why this is happening?

Thanking You,
Hakoo Desai.

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It is doing what it's supposed to, your primary partition is that with your OS and all your installations on, and your logical partitions are those where you just store your data on

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