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For whatever reason, the wireless adapter on several laptops become disabled (by something other than the hard switch). It's either the powersettings shutting them off, code turning them off if the laptop is hardwired, or some other reason.

The problem I'm trying to address is how to enable the adapter if the person using the laptop is a standard user and the laptop has UAC turned on. Enabling it by right clicking on the disabled network adapter and selecting enable won't work because it require elevation. Likewise, going to the device manager won't work either because that will also require elevation.

Is there some way to trick windows 7 to turn the wireless adapter back on?

Right now the only way to fix it is to get a hardwire connection and remote into the laptops and use the local administrative credentials to activate them. Short of giving them the administrative credentials, I can't think of a way to accomplish this.

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Are these laptops in a domain. Possibly pushed down through policy?

The laptops are on a domain with network policies. The wireless adapters are local hardware. It doesn't happen all that often, but being able to fix it without needing elevation would save some time.

I don't have access to changing policies though from where my job currently resides.

If the adpaters are disabled via policy, I do not see how you can get around this without elevated priveldges or logging in with a local admin account.

They aren't disabled via policy; if they were, I'd get 1700 calls in one day asking why they can't connect wirelessly, There's various ways for windows 7 to automatically disable the adapters without admin privileges. I'm just trying to figure out if there's a way to enable them without admin privileges.

We are seeing the same behavior. Windows 7 (64bit), Intel wireless adapter. The WLAN service is running, but out of nowhere seemingly, the wireless adapter gets disabled and is only noticed by people when they attempt to use it on the road.

Having the same problem with Win 7, 64bit - Wireless adaptor glitched and got disabled, and can only be enabled by Admin. Our IT confirmed that enabling/disabling is not managed via policy, so it's a Win 7 setting. Is there a way to give user admin rights to enable/disable wireless adaptor without messing with the policy?

Hey guys, here's the solution, the real one:

  • GO INTO THE ADAPTER SETTINGS > Click on "Configure" button
  • Go into the POWER MANAGEMENT tab
  • uncheck "Let the computer mana...... "

That will do it... if you pay close attention to it, this only happens (99% of cases) after the user put the computer on stan by.

I would strongly suggest you adding this option by default in your image.



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