Hi Guys and girls.. I have an ongoing problem with my main monitor in that it has a green hue in the background, it is quite noticable and is flickering and sparkling. seems to be only where the black should be.

Can anyone help with this problem please..?

Cheers for now


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You may want to first check the video cable. If any of the pins are bent or broken, this type of issue can occur.

It's not your monitor, its your video card or internal video. You need to download the program for your video card that allows you to adjust things. You will need to know your video card, so check it out in control panel, system, device manager. You will need to know your card type, nVidia or ATI, download the sofware tuning program and then make your adjustments.

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thanks for the help..i tried the monitor on its own and it is broken. time for a new one.

figured it would be the monitor or a bad cable. Oh well. Go out and get something big and nice!

Thanks, i got a 24inch samsung..

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