A Dell laptop running Windows 7 Proffessional that has been in use for more than 2 years shows horizontal lines on display seconds after turning on as shown in the video. Why?

What I did was stop using the accumulator for a few months. One day, I put the accumulator in while the laptop was previously powered by cable only. It functioned normally for up to 50 minutes, after which horizontal lines of white, black, pink and green colors suddenly appeared on display. it lasted for about 10 seconds and then screen was black. Caps Lock LED started flashing and Num Lock LED and some other LED turned on for the whole duration. It turned itself off in the end. The cable adapter was receiving power, it's LED was on.

After that, the laptop was turned on absent accumulator, powered by cable only. Screen was black, LEDs were flashing or turned on.

Now, whenever I turn on the laptop, I get the horizontal blue lines in the video.

I'm wondering what could be causing them. Could it be dust on the mainboard? Maybe a RAM board out of it's slot? Or a shortcircuit on the mainboard / video board?

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your video is set to private.

Thank you. It is now unlisted. I'm sorry about it.

Do you only get these horizontal lines while within the windows environment? Do you see this while booting up? Try a different operating sysetm....download a bootable Linux OS so you can boot from a Linux CD and see if you experience the same problem.

If the issue is isolated to Windows then it is likely to be driver problem or the resolution you have assigned is too high for that display. If this is the case, just book into safe mode (hit f8 before windows loads) and change the display setting. Try this first before other options.

Laptop wasn't turned on many times, due to possibility of hardware failure which would worsen it, but the few times it was turned on, it malfunctioned during booting up. It also turns off itself, which I strongly believe always happens because hardware tells it to.

Installing a new OS will be an option later on, I do not yet have acces to laptop. Before this, though, I would take a look inside, which is almost sure to be safe.

Thank you!

With regard to the other OS option I suggested...don't reinstall an OS on the laptop. You can download an ISO of a fully bootable OS from CD. This way, you can just pop the CD into the laptop and boot from the CD. No installation on the hard drive required.

The idea behind the bootable linux CD is just to rule out any issues with the current Windows installation.

It's not your monitor, its your video card or internal video. You need to download the program for your video card that allows you to adjust things.


Thank you all for help. It turned out to be the strong heat and the least efficient ventilation. It was solved with a cooler pad. :P

I have the problem can you help me??

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