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Anybody have tried flashing/upgrading HP Pavilion dv9700(service tag dv9819wm). Ive got this "TPM or TPM has a problem". I need to upgrade or flash my bios. I dont have usb floppy drive. But I have a usb flash drive of 4gb. Anyone can show some solution? I tried flashing the Phoenix bios using pflash16 but no luck.

Thank you!

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"TPM or TPM has a problem"

if you flash it wrong you could render the laptop useless you know .
i google your error and one person fixed it by booting into safe mode [hitting f8 on bootup]and doing a system restore back to when the laptop booted correctly

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Thank you caperjack. But this laptop has not been reformatted..Thus i cannot boot to safe mode.. And also it cannot boot to hardrive because of this "TPM has a problem!..HP suggested to update the bios but there is no proper way of doing it.. They also mentioned crisis disk recovery but I dont know if it can boot to a usb flash drive of 4gb.


not sure what it not been reformated has to do with it ,windows is still installed on it is it not ,i though it had windows on it just would not boot to it ,

to me it makes no sense to me that a once working laptop stopped working and needs a bios update to fix it ,bios updates are just that, update fixes for know issues of present working bios ,not total break down . i did read one post of a person with said problem and they fixed it by removing the ram and just using one ram moduel and it boot back up for them .

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here is info from hp site on you laptop .this is what the lates bios update fixes ,with out this update the laptop should and will likely still work

Released: 2011-03-30
Version: F.34
Compatibility: Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows Vista (64-bit)
Fix/Enhancement: - Fixes an issue where the system would unexpectedly stop responding and a 0x124 warning window would appear when the notebook was powered off abnormally and then restarted.

the downloadis a .exe setup file and needs to be install ona working windows os .

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Thank you caperjack.

Ive tried removing the memory card and left 2 gb but still no luck. Ive tried removing the dvd drive but still no luck. I tried reformatting the HDD using a usb with windows 7 after pressing a lot of escape just to bypass the "TPM error" but after the reboot even if I first boot the HDD it still boot on the USB.

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