Hello guys. I am an HP Probook 4430s user.
I just want to ask if this laptop version enables Virtualization.
If not, then how can I enable it?

It is said that Virtualization is usually disabled by default computer manufacturers.
And I am not sure either how to check whether it's enabled here or not.

I am hoping for an answer in regards with this. Thank you so much in advance!

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nested paging -- are very helpful
true dual-core laptop

Enter BIOS while startup. Somewhere in the BIOS settings, you can find "Enable VT" or "VT Enabled". Just make it "YES". (VT = Virtualization Technology)

You may find the below link useful:
(I didn't try the application, 'securable'. Try it at your own risk)

If you are using a mac, try this in your terminal:
sysctl -a | grep machdep.cpu.features
if you can find VMX in the output, then VT is enabled.

Thanks for the reply but I don't know what nested-paging is.

Thanks! I've learned that Virtualization is not enabled in my pc and i'm trying to enable it now. Hope to succeed. But then I still don't know how, coz I couldn't find the setting which will make it possible in the BIOS.

I enabled the parameter virtualization technology in BIOS but it still fail, the solution was to change BIOS Security Settings from View to Change for virtualization.

I already found it.. My problem is that whenever I got to the BIOS I couldn't find he ystem Configuration, but when I tired to log in as a guest, I fainally got the access to change my BIOS setting. Now, I have already enabled Virtualization in my HP ^^
Just make sure to turn off your computer after enabling, turn it on again then it will work.

Are you working on virtualizing your pc too?

@caperjack, thanks!

I finally made VMware work on my pc. I have already installed MAC on it.

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