Hello there,

I am desperate for your help.

I have an HP Pavilion DV5 - 1010ev Full specs here

2 years ago, the laptop took a really bad fall and I bought and replaced the screen and HD. Everything had worked fine since and I didn't have to open it again until recently the electricity supply started playing up.

I figured out what the problem was so a few days ago I opened it up to replace the DC jack as it had stopped working. I put everything back and everything but the screen was working fine. The display was divided into three identical horizontal parts and the picture was shaking.

I opened it up again, checked the cables and realised that somehow I had managed to crook (badly) one of the 40 pins of the display socket. As I was trying to fix it, guess what, it broke off!

Now I really don't know what to do. A motherboard replacement or taking the laptop to somebody to fix is out of the question as both cost more than 100 GBP and I can't afford it (and probably the laptop is worth less than that). But I really do need my laptop...

I found on eBay somebody selling the same motherboard for spare parts but I really don't know if that socket/port is replaceable. It definitely looks glued down to the MB from all sides and all the parts replacing I have ever done in my life had involved only screwing in and out (although I am keen to take my knowledge even further). How would I do that? Probably I would need special tools but which ones?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

PS: I was even thinking of adapting the 40 pin cable into a VGA one and just have the cable come out from the side and into the VGA port, but that's just for output... I'm out of ideas...

That socket will be soldered, not glued. You may well find a replacement socket on eBay but you will need to de-solder the old socket and solder on the replacement one. If you are not a skilled solderer then you will need someone who is to do the component swap!

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Thank you very much Rik, I will do exactly that!

I'll buy a non working MB on eBay and find somebody experienced in soldering on Freeconomy to help me out.


Best of luck with that! :)