I've searched for other threads on this issue, but haven't been able to solve my problem. Not sure this belongs in monitors, displays but here goes anyway.

A bit of history. I've been getting BSOD crash dump recently. I've had windows recovery start up and have been able to use my machine.

Today I get no display, only a flashing green light on my monitor. I've tried the monitor on another machine and it works with vga. Not sure about digital.

I was concerned about a hard drive failure due to the recent errors and the fact that booting doesn't sound normal. I tried replacing the hard drive, removing the video card, unplugging the cd-rom, taking out the graphics card, and removing the motherboard battery. Still no display on boot. I've tried spamming f8 and f2, nothing. I'm plugged into the motherboard graphics. Still nothing.

Any suggestions, or more information needed? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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Well, i was able to get a display with a different monitor through the motherboard vga graphics. I then plugged in the old monitor and it's working fine. I'm doing some disk maintenance and then follow up with trying the graphics card. Looks to be a graphics card issue. I'll update if I need help.

Could be as simple as a driver issue causing the BSOD.

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