OK...I saw many people had similar problems with other brands, but I think I should still start a new post...

It started to shut down by itself about a week ago. Feels like it loses power all of a sudden, while in fact it is plugged in all the time.
I can turn it back on right away. It may run for hours, or shuts down immediately. Sometimes, I can't even turn it back on.

I have scanned for virus, restored the system to an earlier time point, reset the BIOS to default value, and talked with SONY tech support guys who had no idea what's going on...

I even tried to take it apart to see whether there is anything blocking the fan..but it is just impossible to take a SONY apart (much easier with IBM).

Now, it's shutting down on me like 10 times a day. Luckily, I have backed up all my data.

anyone have any suggestions?

don't want to send it back to SONY, they charge $300+ just to look at it...plus, I really want to figure this out...it just bothers me when I can't figure things out...


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Is it hot to the touch or running normal temps? Have you pulled the battery and tried just AC? You are right about Sonys being pain in rear to take apart. I would try checking voltage from your AC adapter, if you have a multimeter. Is the power port(DC jack) loose?

Just some suggestions from you friendly neighborhood hardware guy...

Good luck.

Thanks for the reply!

I thought about the heat problem, but I can keep the laptop off for a whole night, and take it to school, won't start...try a second time, it starts, then shuts down after 20 seconds or 3 hours, or sth...so I doubt it''s the heat...

I have tried using AC only, still shuts down. Pretty random.

I don't have a multimeter, but I'll see if the tech guy in my dept has one. I'll do that tmr.

Thanks for the suggestions! At least one thing I haven't tried yet!

After thought: Northbridge heatsinks can cause issues like this if they come loose. I see it all the time in Dell Inspiron 1000's. Havent seen it in too many other units but it is a possibility.

Ah...How do I find out about this Northbridge heatsinks Northbridge heatsinks?

I got this one suggestion from some other forum, this guy says, if it doesn't start up, unplug it and pull out the battery, press the power button for 10+ seconds. Then plug it in again and start up.

I tried this when the laptop won't start up. Seems working. But I mean, sometimes just pressing it multiple times will do the trick...so I am not quite sure...Plus, doing this doesn't solve the shutting down problem...

I'll go try the woltage of the AC adaptor right after class...thanks!

Finding out more about the heatsink would require the unit to be taken apart. Cant help you out in that regard.

OK...thanks anyway...SONYs are impossible to take apart...

Hi, I just wanted to bump this up as I have exactly the same problem with my Sony Vaio VGN-SZ1HP laptop, running Win XP Pro SP 3. It shuts itself down frequently but irregularly, no matter if it's connected to the AC power or not. It restarts normally. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the computer other than this. Any ideas?

the same happend to me too!
my VGN CS110D keeps shutting itself down, i went to the store where i bought it and they said it was a hardware problem cuz the fan is working and clean and it doesn't get too hot.
i called SONY technical support but nothing try told me to do worked. Mabye you'll get lucky:
1. try taking out the battery and hold the power button for 30s, then put the battery back in, turn it on and as soon as you see VAIO on the sceen hit F2 and hold it then reset and restart.
2. if that doesn't work, turn the computer on, and as soon as you see VAIO on the sceen hit F10 and hold it. don't be scared by the beeping. scan for hardware problems



I also have a Vaio VGN CS 110D, and it started shutting itself down about a wk ago. It does it alleatory, with no pattern - plugged or not, battery or not, hot or not. It may work without shutting down for 2-3 days or - like last nite - I can't seem to get it work, it turns on and as soon as I see the background picture it shuts down. When I turn it back on a black screen appears, saying "Start Windows normally".

Please, if anyone knows a remedy for this, let me know. I bought it from another continent, and it would be really difficult to take it back there.

Thank you

when I startup my sony vaoi it keeps shutting down, it can happen 3-4 times before it actually boots up, Ive tried both plugged and unplugged but still the same problem, any tips out there?

Hello, I m also facing the same problem with my Sony Vaio VGN CR363. It shuddenly turns off and when i press power button it starts normally. It happens 5-6 times daily. I formated the whole lappy but the problem is not solved yet. If u have any solution for this plz reply.

I have the same problem. My VAIO just started shutting down after I installed some updates around Dec.20. Now it shuts down by itself about 10+ times a day on its own. I think it has something to do with the new updates. The screensaver doesn't come on anymore either. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi erinball and welcome to Daniweb,
You have piggybacked an old thread and should start you own if you need more help.
There are many reasons why a machine will shutdown by itself but probably the main one is heat. Is your machine overheating, are all the fans clear, are you using it on carpet, do you have a laptop cooler under it?
Go to this site and download program to check temps:-http://www.lavalys.com/

it seems that we guys have the same problem... all same vaio LT only different models. well i got a VGN-CS21Z and my aunt bought it for us; in europe and using it here at asia... its pretty annoying in my part having this laptop shuts down at random times ending it up not to use it at all...just like what the others did mention all symptoms are identical... sony should put an effort in answering this problem.. if anyone got the solution please post it here for us guys... thanks alot!

I have the same problem with my VGN NW20EF.
I just started it up and it switched off about 3 times on its own whilst typing something. Really puzzles me and it is brand new.
Any sugestions apart from chucking it out of the window?

I have the same problem too.. i got the SONY VAIO VGNCS6G and it keeps shutting down by itself. its just happened recently.. please help me to find out the solution thanks in advance...

is it working long time and touch hot?

lol, you should try sneaking a link into you post

My sony vaio VGN-CS17 also gets shut down automatically often.....please help.....

I'm having the same problem with my Sony Viao, did you ever discover a solution?

This now happens to my vaio-- but the power cut-outs began suddenly after I inadvertently dropped my laptop while traveling. I am no computer wiz, but after years of successful computing with this machine, maybe this correlation points to a faulty hardware connection(?)--- one which some models display immediately (most of the folks who have posted here), and other models display only after receiving a good whack(?). Hope this helps those with the knowledge to assess our symptoms, to discover a solution-- at the very least, my thanks to everyone here for a feeling of solidarity. -BF

on my tz290 i was having the reset problem whenever i moved, partic when lifting from front w/ right hand. i dismantled, obsereved internal wear and found that the issue was the connection to keyboard, unplugged and securely reconnected ribbon, and no issues, works like a charm!

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