hii guys,
my brother is having some problem with his pc when we start the pc then the monitor doesn,t start but the cpu starts very well i checked the connections then i attached my monitor to it but then same shit happened the pc was working well few days back, can somebody tell me what should i do.

Hello there! Well, first of all we need kinda more information, does anything appear on the screen, or it just stays black, is there a "biping" sound that means your pc have booted the BIOS, if so i would guess that the Video Card have died, altough it coudnt be the motherboard. Just to be safe try the Video Card in another PC so you can be sure, there is another thing that maybe wrong, for example the monitor of your pc, the VGA/DVI cable (the one that connects your pc with the monitor), the power supply cable of the monitor, your power supply could have lowered its efficiency and it coudnt not feed enough power to the video card. Those are some of the things that may have happened, ahh 1 last thing. Try taking out the videocard, cleaning it and puting it back in, maybe that could fix it. I hope that i was helpfull. GL with your problem

Have you tried plugging in another monitor? Any video during POST?

The problem may be with the RAM stick. Open the CPU. Open the clips holding the RAM sick. The sick pops out. Clean the contact points with a clean paper. Insert the stick and press. The stick should automatically lock with click sounds. Hold the stick only at the edges. GOOD LUCk!

dude, nothing appeared just the monitor's light went yellow in color while usually it appeared green

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