I am trying to fix my mom's laptop. It's a dv6000 series hp. It was running slow and having problems. then I took it home and it would boot poorly and I did a system restore. it now wont boot. I tried to wipe the drive and reload the os. The pc will not give the option to boot from disk. I had the same laptop series and tried to swap the HD, my laptop wont work bc of the following. It was having issues with the graphics card. I had my ex(not at the time bf who works in IT) do a reflow and gave him the instructions on how to do it as I had never done one do a reflow to the graphics card which is on the motherboard but he failed to listen to me when i said DONT OVER HEAT IT... (it is better to underheat it and have to reheat it then to over heat it and make it unfixable for good) and I heard a POP and turns out, YEP! I WAS RIGHT!!! (FRICKING DUH!!) he overheated it and screwed mine forever!!! so i swapped my HD for hers which was compatible and it still wont boot so wasnt her HD. now it still wont boot(hers) and i still cant boot from a disk, any help??? I desperatley want to fix it as i am a CISCO ACADEMY student and single mom, my mom is single and much older, we both cant afford a new pc for her even thought i now have a new pc, but i9t's my mom and i know someone out there can give me an answer or help me trouble shoot this. I am not far along, but I have experience in classes with hardware(not much) and am in cisco acad and with oracle certs on the way also. this is deeper in the computer hardware area than i have experience with. please help.

It sounds like trouble!
Can you be sure (by going to the bios ) at start up that the machine is actually try or set to boot from the CD and not the hard disk.
If you can set the bios to do that you can then boot from either an original CD (with windows) or better you could try a linux type of boot disk. Then you can use diagnostic programs (often abvailable for free on the net to try to find out exactly what is going wrong.

If you cannot get into the bios then I fear you may need specialist help as the electronics may be dead.


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