Hello guys,

Recently I reinstalled my Windows XP SP3, now suddenly whenever I start my system it shows a black/blank screen after the Windows XP load screen. I installed the latest video drivers too (ATI Radeon) but it's of no help. I can go into safe mode without any issues and after that if I select restart the windows loads normally to my system and I can use my system, however if I wish to start my system after shutting it down and then starting it I face the blank screen problem. I searched for the issue in detail, am unable to uninstall and then reinstall my drivers as somehow it does not lets me install the drivers in the safe mode (gives 'failed to load detection drivers'), system restore did not help too. Is there any way I could resolve this without having to format my system? I never faced this issue despite installing windows about 10-11 times in the past 4-5 years.

Thanks in advance.

Boot into safe mode and use hdtune to test the condition of your hard drive. If hdtune finds any bad sectors then you will need to replace your hard drive. Google will easily find hdtune.

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