I have just finished building my second computer (the first ran beautifully for 7 years - only had to replace the video card after 5 years), and it doesn't boot up. No video signal what so ever. My question is this: is it possible that the power supply isn't strong enough for it to boot? I'm using an Antec True Power 430 20 pin from the original machine I built 7 years ago.

My system:
MoBo: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0Ghz
RAM: 2x2 gigs G-Skill ddr2-1000 PC2-8000
Video: BFG Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT

I have set it up so only the video card, 2 sticks of RAM and CPU are connected (no hard drives). The fans turn, and the boot lights on the MoBo turn on, but the CPU fan only budges for an instant when I turn it on, and then stops. The CPU fan also budges an instant when I finally give up and turn the system off, so obviously it gets power, at least for an instant when I turn it on and off. Could it be not enough juice out of the power supply?

Any ideas? I'll go through the bare-bones trouble-shooting if necessary, but if my power supply isn't enough, I may as well just replace it before going through the trouble...

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I am no expert on these things but I would have thought you would have enough power with that PSU to boot the unit but not to do too much more. You do need to upgrade your PSU and it could be the problem. The old PSU could have a problem that didn't show its self in your old machine.
I suggest you replace it and see if you have better luck. If not post back with the results, any thing more working or still the same?

The PSU should still be enough to start up, tho, right?

A few things: The card is 16x PCI express, but the documentation states that it only needs a 350 watt or higher PSU. Is the prob that it's PCI Express & the PSU isn't compliant? If so, can I get an adapter, or do I need to get an entire new PSU? the MoBo has a 24 pin power jack, though the plug from the PSU is 20 pin. It fits though, and from what I've read it should still work...

Don't really want to purchase more gear if I don't need it...

i would suggest purchasing a new PSU. 500+ watts should be fine

Just installed a new 650W Antec PSU with a 24 pin. Problem solved!

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