computer startes up in the morning then shuts down ,then trys to start again after the third time it comes on ..goes great all day but when i am playing crysis ,for no reason it will will boot itself,,iam running intel i5 2320-at 3.00 ghz.. i have a nzxt phanton case lots of air flow ,,iam running a ocz 700 watt powersupply .2x4890 crossfire ,500western harddrive and 120 vertex ssd drive

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I just downloaded and burnt the CD and booted it to explore it a bit. It is an awesome set of tools. One that is on the mini-xp image is called s&mstress which will stress test the system CPU, power supply, hard drives and controllers, etc. That would probably help determine if your problem is the power supply, or something else.


If your computer crashes then there is a problem in motherboard just change it and see the differnce

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