I asked question in another forum but noticed that a question above my own had not received any response within last month, so I decided to start a new thread.

My Toshiba laptop yesterday shut down cold in middle of work. No lights. No sounds. No nothing. I several times unplugged it then plugged it back in but noticed that the power light would only occassionally flicker for split second; other than that ultimately nothing. I've not quite seen this question in my scan of the previous forum.

Additionally, I removed battery and tried plugging it in again. Same results. I always keep my laptop lifted with an extra base for fan circulation. Fan is dust-free as far as I can tell. It got hot by its nature, but I did my best to keep it cool through air circulation, sometimes a second fan directly on it. Not yesterday though, just lifted for general ciruclation and in A/C room. Had been on a lot, though.

If laptop is revivable, or if a way to replace power source supply within laptop, please provide suggestions. Thank you.

Take it in for repair. Something is fried on the motherboard most likely, or the power supply is fubar.

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