I asked question in another forum but noticed that a question above my own had not received any response within last month, so I decided to start a new thread.

My Toshiba laptop yesterday shut down cold in middle of work. No lights. No sounds. No nothing. I several times unplugged it then plugged it back in but noticed that the power light would only occassionally flicker for split second; other than that ultimately nothing. I've not quite seen this question in my scan of the previous forum.

Additionally, I removed battery and tried plugging it in again. Same results. I always keep my laptop lifted with an extra base for fan circulation. Fan is dust-free as far as I can tell. It got hot by its nature, but I did my best to keep it cool through air circulation, sometimes a second fan directly on it. Not yesterday though, just lifted for general ciruclation and in A/C room. Had been on a lot, though.

If laptop is revivable, or if a way to replace power source supply within laptop, please provide suggestions. Thank you.

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