I have a sony vaio and when i turn it on it comes up with the sony vaio screen then goes blank with a flashing curser in the top left of the screen for about 5 mins and in this time if you press a key it bleeps at you. I can put a disk in it and loads the disk but it just stays a blank screen i have tried cotrol alt delete and nothing happens why ???

Your OS (Operating System) is possibly corrupt.

I will assume you are using windows. If you have nothing to back up please use your recovery disks and get a fresh install.

If you do wish to backup your data, Please visit http://www.LinuxMint.com and download the latest ISO and Burn it.

Once you boot from the CD it will ask you if you wish to try it, accept the first option. Once in it will let you access your Hard Drive from here you can backup whatever you want.

After you have what ever data you want you may shutdown and install the recovery disks, or Use you can click the icon on the Desktop "Install Linux Mint".


as finto said above, it's probally your OS. more importanly your hard drive. it's probally corrupted. not much i could tell since i have no idea how to troubleshoot the hard drive. i would recomemend just buying a new harddrive