Hey Daniweb!
Yesterday I built 2 new PCs with pretty much the same specs; 2 times the same PSU , a corsair enthusiast tx550m.
Only difference was the case. When I put the first PSU in the first case, a CM690 II advanced, the PSU made a loud popping sound as if something exploded. I could also see a little spark and my fuse blew.
I thought it had broken so I took the second case , put in the second PSU in the other case and powered it up on a different electrical circuit and poof ! The exact same thing. I started to think this was normal, like the capacitors charging or something. I started fitting the rest of the parts and it started up, there haven't been any shocks or "explosions" any more in the first case. In the second case it happened one more time, on first boot. It wasn't anything like the first 2 pops though, it was more like a silent "pang" sound.

I don't know what these pops were, and hope you guys and girls can help me with this..

Thanks in advance.

capacitors charging

caps don't charge ,there purpose is to cool the the power as it flows through them ,I would cerntly be weary of a loud bang check the power setting[usually a small red switch] on the back of the psu ,it should be set to either 115V or 220V what ever is coming into the house ,in USA and Canada it would be 115V for most of us ,some business might be 220
last time I put a spu that did the big pop it wast toasted ,no more good

There is no switch on the back of the PSU.. I live in Belgium so it should be 220v. I'm just thinking, is it possible that the PSU adjusted itself to this voltage ? I'm no expert when it comes to electricity so yeah..

it should be written on the info sticker on the side of the psu then

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