My computer cannot get into windows. I get as far as the when the Windows logo background comes on the screen but then my computer gives me the error message and the BLUE screen.
The problem may have to do with a virus. I loaded an old diskette and I instantly got a message from my virus scanner that I had acquired a virus. I thought I had removed but I still continued to get this message each time I logged onto my computer. This continued for a few weeks and then my computer stalled and I got the error message.
I am running Windows 98; Award BIOS; my computer is a Packard-Bell 951 vintage 1998.

Also, have you tried booting to Safe Mode [F8]? I'd first pull my data off the system before going much further by either copying to another hard drive or network share. You also can try a system state restore (assuming you are running backups that capture system state info).

had to edit-missed the Win9x OS reference.

I've tried choosing F8 button at the startup and getting into the safe mode from the list given but I get the same resulting Error message/Blue screen. I can't get past this section. I have done a backup recently so if I can get into my system and restore it I think I will be ok. :-|