Hi all

Recently built a new machine:
ASrock P4VT8+
P4 Prescott 3.0Ghz (not overclocked)
512MB generic PC3200 RAM (also not overclocked)
Radeon A9200SE 128MB G-Card
Onboard sound

Everything has been going fine. From time to time I used to get a bsod with a message which I could not traced on the internet. It only appeared about four times in the last 2 months and after a re-boot everything went back to normal. I have recently got two messges regarding a corrupted file which, again, disappeared with no other indication of what was about to happen. Last thursday I kissed my baby good night, turned him off and when I tried to turn him on again the next day I got a message telling me that "\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\CONFIG\SYSTEM" is missing or corrupt.

I know this message can show up if there are hardware issues but I thought I will try and repair the Windows installation anyway. When I chose to set-up windows (booting up to the installation cd-rom) I got a bsod with "registry error" message. So now I am a bit stuck and very concerned. How will I know which bit of my hardware is failing? BIOS recognises all my components and there are no problem during POST. RAM checks OK. I know this is a realy thick question but could it be that my CPU has had it?Could the PC go through all these stages without the CPU (run fron the BIOS chip?).

I am relly worried. It is one thing replacing a memory module. The CPU is bloody £130 quids worth.....

Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated.


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Just tried Memtest and the RAM passed with no errors reported....

Please tell me it is not my CPU....PLEASE!!!!!

Just spoke to an engineer who suggested that memory tests are not always that definitive.
He said HDD failure could also be the cause. Thankfully I have a spare small HDD which I am going to try. Will update with results.....
Judging by symptoms, he did not think I am having problems with a dodgy CPU.

Wish me luck honey, I am going in - :cheesy:

The way to figure out if you have a hardware problem is with a empty system.
remove everything, reboot, add one thing at a time, reboot again, etc untill it stops booting.

another way to reset everything is clearing your cmos/bios.

If that doesn't solve the problem it seems a windows os problem to me.
I don't know a lot about Win xp, but there are two ways to repair, i thought, so try the other one. if possible. or try linux instead

good luck


Right then - conclusions....

No hardware issues what-so-ever- PHEWWWWWW
Over panicked! no question about it….
But seriously, my windows installation got so corrupt that I could not even repair or re-install.
The only solution was to install another drive, boot to it, format the bad drive and then re-install windows on the ‘fresh’ drive.

Works a treat! SATA rocks!

Of course you can do the whole thing from DOS, with out installing another temporary drive, but I think it is a bit tricky with SATA drives.

Ta to all for help and support and shoulder to bite on……


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