Hello my computer auotmactially stars and restarts all by itself, i have tried booting up in everything on the list still nothing.
it will act like it is gonna boot and then a quick blue screen comes up and shut down and same thing over agian...what do i do?
i have tried putting my recovery disc in and that hasnt worked please help..

Before Windows tries to load hit the F8 key. When you get to the Windows Boot Menu, you can try to run the "Last Known Good Configuration". If you installed something during the last logged on session, it would roll it back.

If that doesnt work, you can try to boot into Safe Mode, then recover from a system restore point.

If that doesnt work, you can try a system recovery.

Finally, another option is to wipe the drive and reinstall Windows.

Depending on the importance of you data on that drive and how much time you want to spend will help you decide which option to take.

Blue screen is a huge problem. It appears when some files or whole Windows corrupts. If it is working fine, repaitr it using the same disc, used for installation. I not, make a complete fresh install of windowws. There must be an antivrus program to be installed at first on it.