I'm using a Fujitsu T Series 4410 Lifebook, 32-bit. My operating system is Windows 7.

Recently my computer fan has begun to rattle. I believe that the fan is catching on something inside the case, and that when it rattles, it's a clue that the fan will stop. Because of this, my laptop gets extremely hot. This makes the fan start up, and usually will not stop. I've experienced the fan blow for 16 hours at the most, non-stop, no break.

A year ago, the laptop did the exact same problem, and I took the fan out of the laptop and examined it, yet found no problem. There wasn't even any dust clogging it, which I found peculiar.

However, I have noticed that when the fan does begin to blow for hours on end, there is a faint burning smell.

The laptop is 3-3 1/2 years old. It is a school-issued laptop, given to me on my freshman year. Through it's life, it has been dropped, fallen from desks and tables, along with having the screen replaced twice. I have the slight suspicion that a heatsink may have come loose inside the laptop, though I'm not positively sure.

I can't dissassemble the laptop, due to a laptop agreement signed at the beginning of every year. I also can't alter any system files due to administration restrictions. If you know of any possible way to diagnose the poor soul inside the laptop, please tell me. :\

Thanks in advance,

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no dust a year ago doesn't mean its not full of dust now because you cant take it apart then i suggest you try a can of compressd air

I'll be sure to try that soon. Thanks.

laptop owners don't realise how little dust it take to make them overheat ,and how quick it builds up inside if not cleaned regulary ,should be blown out regulary ,good luck

You should open it and check what is there disturbing the fan. When laptop gets extremely hot, it gets shut down abruptly. It may cause power failure or motheboard crash.

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