I've never encountered anything like this and have no idea where to begin to troubleshoot. What happens is when I turn on the computer, it will show the motherboard (gigabyte) splash screen, then cut to black and monitor says it's going to sleep... meaning the display signal got cut right there. The computer remains powered, but nothing happens and it never loads to OS or anything. Not sure what this could even mean. Any ideas? Thanks!!

Have you tried to enter the BIOS or to push ESC to see text instead of the splash, then hit PAUSE before monitor goes?

I sugesst you to kindly replace your RAM with another one and check if it works.
If this works then you may be facing some problems in your RAM and if possibly it doesn't boots up again even after changing the RAM then you may have a different issue other than RAM for sure.

Thanks :)

or if possible, try to use another monitor. Maybe you've been messing around with the resolution setting and set it too big for your monitor to support. Another possibility is your monitor has problems.

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