I wanted to copy some projects from a SATA harddrive to my PC, so I attached the the harddrive to the SATA1 connector on the drive. When I power the PC, I got an information talking about NVRAM and was asked to press F1 to load the default settings or press F2 to run setup. After I pressed F1 to load the default settings, I discovered the PC is not detecting the IDE1 and IDE2 interface on the motherboard. Now, I can gain access to setup again and my PC cannot boot from IDE harddrive again. Please, what can I do to get my PC functioning. Information needed urgently. Thanks to you all.

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You need to go into the BIOS and reset the IDE/Sata configuration settings so that it sees the IDE drives properly. It is probably trying to boot from the sata drive by mistake.

thanks a bunch for your helpful response.

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