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Sorry guys, don't flame me! Couldn't find a suitable forum for my question. I think this may be my best bet. I've got a Dell inspiron 1545 which does not have a NumLock - so no ASCII codes with ALt/Fn. Bit of a bummer seeing as all my work is in languages other than English and requires accented Latin characters. I've used MSKLC to create a language specific keyboard layout. Whoopee-doo. What a fudge.

I went to my local PC retailer today expecting to purchase a HP Pavilion DV6-3100. Guess what? No NumLock/Number Pad (or even a 'virtual' number pad). What gives? Is this a move to eradicate the world of non-Anglophone contribution to ICT?

Anyway, starting to rant. Can the HP Pavilion series display accented chars (apart from the AltGr group)? The nice lady at the store was about as useful as a chocolate hammer.

I'd advize against getting an HP DV series laptop. They are well known for very expensive graphics failure. I use a Lenovo x61 and it does have a number lock (via the Function key) if that's any help!

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I didn't know aBout the graphics issue. Thanks.

Have a look on the HP forum, complaint threads about the cost of getting the things repaired are mounting up on a daily basis. HP don't repair them, they just replace the motherboards with ones that have the very same manufacturing flaw in them!

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Oh boy, that's lame. Shame as the HP pavilion DV-6-3110 has got an awesome spec for the price (£500). Well, here's to more research.:)

A good Lenovo or Toshiba would serve you better and for much much longer than an HP!

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Had a look at the Lenovo - yikes - a little expensive and small screens for the price. Toshiba seem to be a better bet for me. Thanks for the advice Rik - cheers!