I have a dell XPS desktop windows vista, its a few years old. My problem is when i power up the computer, nothing comes up on either of my screens. The fans keep running and there is a loud continous beeping coming from the nvidia graphics card i think. It was working fine earlier today I'm not sure what the problem is

I uploaded a video showing exactly what the problem is

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could be a number of things ,I first would remove and reinstall[checking the slots of dust/os such] the Ram and video card ,and give it a try


So far everything I've tried hasn't worked

  1. Reinstall RAM
  2. Remove/reinstall video card
  3. Restore bios to default
  4. Let it sit there and waited for ~20 minutes with no result

I'm not really sure what's going on here


The beeps you hear at start up are a code that identifies a problem because your display can't show any messages. Look up the meaning in the documentation of your desktop. I could not quite make out the sequence of the beeps in your video.

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