I have a dell XPS desktop windows vista, its a few years old. My problem is when i power up the computer, nothing comes up on either of my screens. The fans keep running and there is a loud continous beeping coming from the nvidia graphics card i think. It was working fine earlier today I'm not sure what the problem is

I uploaded a video showing exactly what the problem is

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could be a number of things ,I first would remove and reinstall[checking the slots of dust/os such] the Ram and video card ,and give it a try

So far everything I've tried hasn't worked

  1. Reinstall RAM
  2. Remove/reinstall video card
  3. Restore bios to default
  4. Let it sit there and waited for ~20 minutes with no result

I'm not really sure what's going on here

The beeps you hear at start up are a code that identifies a problem because your display can't show any messages. Look up the meaning in the documentation of your desktop. I could not quite make out the sequence of the beeps in your video.

any chance it has onboard video you could try instead of the addin videocard ,also ram issue come up for 4 qiick beeps when I google it .
so if you have more than 1 stick of ram try them in one at a time .
you could also create a ram check bood disk with the ISO file at http://www.memtest86.com/
you will likely need a ISO file burner program .I used this one .

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