Hey. I my having troubles booting up my pc. The front light is red. None of the fans are working. I'm not receiving any images or beeps. My case is a Cooler master HAF 912. Please help figure this out. I purchase the computer parts at my local Microcenter. Before I thought it was the motherboard, cpu, or powersupply. I did exchange all the parts except the hardrive, case, and disc drive. Now, I'm really lost; this is my first time building my pc and I'm soon to just call it quits and return all of the parts. I even bought one of those Anti-Static Wrist bands. Once again please provide me with specfic guidelines. Thank You.

I have a video to (from YouTube).

Case - Cooler Master HAF 912
Motherboard - gigabyte z77 ds3h
CPU - Intel i5 3570K with default Heatsink
Graphics Card - EVGA GeForce GTX560 DS
Powersupply - OCZ Mod X stream-pro 600w
RAM - Ballistix 2- 4GB DDR3 1333 Mhz (8 GB Kit)
Hardrive - 2 TB Seagate 3.5' 6gb/s SATA
Disc Drive - LG CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD-ROM/Blu Ray

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ok,i watched the video,looks ok ,did you use the motherboard book/manual to help with the build ,make sure you have the power switch wires into the correct location on the motherboard

try unplugging the harddrive/dvd drive sata cable from the board and remove the video card and the ram ,and the front case usb connectors ,does it turn on with out them installed .

thanks you for commenting. My pc booted up the problem was F PANEL wires. Now I'm trying to figure out why my pc is not displaying images on the monitor. Thank You!

did you try connecting with both the onboard video and the addin video card

my computer starts b ut screen black and can barely see the mix up words in the black screen. I first try to boot but wouldn't let me and it first it take me into the window all blue and says put other user name and password and there never was another use on this computer but it stay there until here was another user and password. The only way I can turn off my pc is shut it off or unplug it. I don't know if its the Harddrive or Ram but somepoeple say maybe and there not sure cause they not into pc. please someone out there help me on my computer problem

Try unplugging all the cables and check properly if they were connected properly. You need to check properly before connecting the circuit befor power supply.

thank you for the comments but ive found out the problem. It was my graphics card. I took it out and then boot it up and it worked. It hade to do with the BIOS auto searching for the PCI. Now, Ill change the settings in the BIOS but thank you for the support.

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