My problem is that my system freezes when playing games, I played war rock for around 5 minutes then it froze and I had to restart, it's been doing it ever since. My CPU runs at 34c idle or when just a few programs running and around 39c when playing games. If i enable q-fan or quiet fan these temps increase slightly. My GPU is at around 51c when gaming, 45c when idle or when just a few programs running. Here are my specs;

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3700+
Main board: ASUS A8N-SLI SE Socket 939 nForce 4 SLI PCI-E ATX (one graphics card installed)
RAM: Crucial 2x512MB 184Pin DIMM PC3200 Unbuffered Non-ECC
Oh and 400w PSU with two stock fans connect to PSU, not to chassis. ALl other fans are stock fans.
And of course a case ;)
Please help! :sad:

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Ok cool, well i guess i will have to buy another one, renting or loaning one osn't really an option. Thanks for your time, I will post back if it doesnt resolve the problem.



Before you spend the money, try to reduce the load on your PSU or borrow some stronger one (yeah, that's real simple and casual) just to make sure that that's the issue.

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