I very much appreciate this site. While attempting to "fix" my Compaq Presario F763NR (which runs Vista), I deleted a start up file. Now, when I press the "on" button, it lights up for a second then shuts off and my computer won't turn on. I called HP but they claim there are no longer start up disks or replacement parts available and only tried to sell me a new computer. This can't be true, can it?? I have no idea where the disks that came with the computer are, but I'm CERTAIN I deleted some start up file(s). I know this because the file or files that I deleted for sure contained the letters HP and I believe "exe" was in the extension - I thought HP only made printers so I thought I was only deleting old printer files. Once you stop laughing :-)...Can you help me? I'm broke, unemployed and certainly don't have money for a new computer. You comments are much appreciated.

when I press the "on" button, it lights up for a second then shuts off

not saying it not possible ,but I have never seen this happen just because you deleted a startup file , it should still bootup to an error message ,not just turn on and shut right off .

Somthing like 15 years ago, The old Compaq's (pre-hp) would utilize a section of the hard drive for their BIOS. You would need to use their disks to properly format the installed HD with the startup software that enables the PC to boot. Replace the HD, you need to use the disk to 'prepare' the hd to load the PC properly. That was always Stupid as crap IMHO, but there it is.

IF you don't have the original disks to prepare the HD, then if you need to replace the HD you are out of luck.

In this case, if you removed or messed with the Compaq partition, then the machine may be fubar'd. IIRC, you would get something like a CD/Floppy icon displayed on screen indicating that the system could not find the startup resources.... or something like that.

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