My PC wont boot; all parts (except the motherboard and CPU) were tested separately and all of these works fine (ie CPU, PSU, GRaphic adapter & RAM).

I tested with nothing but Mobo, Memory, GRaphic adapter, CPU and PSU; no device plugged except a PCI POST diagnostic card.

I get this display when I do nothing : Look at Boot_1.jpg

And this one when I press DELETE to enter setup : Look at Boot_2.jpg

Both times, my diagnostic card indicates 38 (Hexadecimal).

I tested with differents graphic adapter, without any better result.

Have an idea of 1: What is the cause of this problem and
2: how to fix that?

Asus tech support sucks. Really. I submited them problems with their boards twice the past month and I never recieved a reply from them... I hope I'll be luckier this time :)

Thanks for your help.



Forgot to tell you:

My board is an Asus P4P800 SE;

BIOS version is unknown (can't even see it on display).

CPU is a P4 3.2GHz @ 800FSB & 512Kb Cache & sSpec number SL6WG.

RAM used are 2 Samsung modules of 512 Mb each; boot was tested with single and both modules. results were the same in both cases.

I Tested with both AGP and legacy PCI display adapter. No display when I use PCI.

In every case, I hear NO BEEPS.

According to AMI Bios code chart, code 38 means :

Initialize different buses and perform the following functions: Boot Input Device Initialization (function 3); IPL Device Initialization (function 4); General Device Initialization (function 5). Function 3 searches for and configures PCI input devices and detects if system has standard keyboard controller. Function 4 searches for and configures all PnP and PCI boot devices. Function 5 configures all onboard peripherals that are set to an automatic configuration and configures all remaining PnP and PCI devices.

I heard that these can differ from a manufacturer to another.

Hope this will help you to help me!