Appreciate help.
I have a good working computer: 500Mhz 256Mb 20Gb, which I bought on e-Bay to use for learning Linux. I installed Mepis Linux OS completely on the hardrive. I just cannot work with Linux with the password all the time, and, it just remains over my head. Now I would like to re-capture this pretty good working desktop for use as my backup computer by re-installing windows. I have a Windows 98 start-up disk, and it does start the machine. But I cannot seem to get access to the C drive to fdisk or re-format and re-install Win 98.
Really appreciate suggestions on this.

Hi drwalkdw, welcome to DANIWEB Forum. The first thing I would ask, before going any further, do you have the Win98 install CD? If it were my computer, I would zero fill it first, but you may not have to, as it is a time consuming operation. I use this program to zero fill:

If you suspect your bootdisk is bad, go here and download a new one:

When you put the bootdisk, it should bootup to the A: prompt, at the A: prompt, enter fdisk. Once you get to the fdisk window, select option #4, and look at how many partitions you have on the hard drive.

Now, you want to delete all the partitions, and then create one DOS primary partition. If you get the partition set, put in your win98 CD, and leave the bootdisk in the floppy, then press escape, and reboot.

Now, it should ask if you want to start the computer with/without CD support, select with support, and press enter. Now, at the A: prompt, type in: format C:

After the format is complete, it should go back to the A: prompt, now enter: setup

Your win98 should now begin to install.