My system is as follows...

Amd Athlon XP 2600+
Biostar M7NCD (nfroce2)
512k Ram
Western Digital 80gb 7200 rpm HD
EVGA geforce fx 5200 ultra and also trying MSI geforce fx 5600 pro

A few days ago I powered on my system and after the Windows XP Splash screen I get a "black screen" and then my monitor give me the ol' "Searching for signal" I went into safe mode and uninstalled the drivers and after that point I can boot into windows normally. I have tried the newest Nvidia driver (71.84) all the way back to the March 15, 2004 driver (56.64). I have installed new drivers for the motherboard. Have done all updates and have even reformatted the system. I am getting nowhere and if anyone would be able to help me that would be great!

Are you by any chance setting a resolution or refresh rate unsupported by the monitor?

Does the video card work in another system?

I have 2 Nvidia cards in my house...(Geforce FX 5200 ultra and Geforce FX 5600 FX) and neither of them work in any of my computers. On the other hand my ati cards (radeon 9800 pro, radeon 9600 atlantis, and all-in-wonder 7500) works in all of my computers with no problems.

still having problem I have used search engines to look for and virus or bug that would do this found nothing yet...anyone have this problem and figured it out?

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