I really need help (my gf is convinced I need psychiatric help!), but I know I am not just a bit paranoid.

Here's the short story: three years ago I lived next to a Unix programer, fabio, pot-smoking, guy in his twenties. He was outgoing, friendly, but had a funny ADHD-like, somewhat alienating presence about him--and he kind of vibrated when he talked (like one of those bull terriors in the New Yorker Magazine George Booth Cartoons!)

One day he offered broadband service from his server (back in the days of my computer iliteracy), for $10 a month. Before I knew it he was drilling holes in our ceiling. He even offered to set up my computer one day (I watched and was amazed by the speed with which he opened those black little boxes, hinting at an unknown world beneath (haha...XP, uh huh...lol). I was impressed that he also was able to clean up my laptop which needed it badly, he even upgraded the OS to Windows 2000, such a nice guy (storm clouds on the horizon).

Well, he moved out within 4-6 weeks, told a few stories about illegitimate business opportunities outside of Phily). What was amazing was that he was nice enough to stay intouch, even though we lost our free internet.

The only thing was that I didn't seem to know that we were in touch. See, I used to whatch streaming video material on line at pay per view sites (yeah, yeah.)

Then, one day I picked up a copy of Zone Alarm firewall. Little did I know that from that point on I would become nearly obsessed with figuring out how to break from from his clenches. I have spent umpteen hours, alienated my friends, neglected my personal spiritual daily regimen (I haven't drank yet, but I am close to it!).

I am on my fourth HP iPAQ 6515 from my service provider, who has been amazed that the previous three which I synced with the same computers in the begining, but only swaped the SIM card on my third, had the SAME reset/shutdown problem. No problem on the fourth, new SIM, SD cards, NO syncing, no shutdowns.

NT Logon wants Generic Host Process to act as a server constantly on both computers which seem to be fitted with NT API system whatever. NT API kernal wants out...and, I can unplug the machine and just watch the NT system try to use vsmon, Liveupdate (symantic) waulty.exe (mispelled?) Windows updater, PML Driver (hpz12.exe) alg.exe, generic hostprocess...help!

There is a Network Boot option with and INT18 Network option and SCSI drive option which I can't get rid of on the machine I had which he set up.

I seem to be on a Gnutella network I can't get off, and I cannot get into email accounts which have legitamate sign in pages (muchos spoofos! Phishing galore!).

He or someone else has effectively disabled every firewall & virus scanner program which days or hours of getting it.

The Boston FBI Internet crime folks are not helpful. They are sympathetic, but since I have not experienced a major financial loss, I am of little interest to them. Microsoft and HP are time consuming.

I need the help of some evil hackers turned good (they probably work for the FBI).

Now, I have an unknown RAS Async adapter in my device manager.

Needless to say, I want to wipe the hardrives completely (diagnostic partitions, too, I also want to restore BIOS to factory state) Cmpq Presario 6330us & HP pavilion xv5000.

Typed this using puppy in ram & aol.

Puppy's cute. :cheesy:

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Whoa, major problems there. Since you want to wipe everything clean, I'd suggest you get a new Windows installation disc from your local PC store. Just make sure you buy the requisite number of licenses. Use these CDs to install your Operating System. During setup, you'll be given the option to repartition your drives. Simply delete all partitions detected and recreate them as per your requirements.

And for the other part of your request to reset the bios back to factory state, upon boot, hit f2 or del a few times before the windows logon screen and there will be an option to reset back to factory states.

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