I bought a 2nd hand motherboard Intel D101GGC with Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz and fit into chassis with AC'97 front panel audio.My motherboard supporting Realtek HD Audio, so that to use front panel i have to check "use AC'97 front panel" in Realtek HD Audio Manager then only front panel headphone icon is enable in HD audio Manager but still i dont get any output or audio and also not detecting that headphone is plugged.If i uncheck option "use AC'97 Audio" then front panel headphone jack icon is disabled.I dont have idea why this happening please help. I am using windows XP, is there problem in front panel audio of chassis?

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ya because front panel connector is 2*5 socket, and there is no chance to connect it in wrong manner


Firstly you need to connect the front panel audio cable with the mother-board port just in the proper way. And after that you to turn on the computer and go to the realtek hd audio manager control panel and select the front panel option instead of back-panel sound port. And if back-panel is working then front panel will in silent stage and also when the front panel work then the back panel does not work.

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