My pc has two hard disk drives. The primary hard disk has become corrupted(or it has got some virus so that pc turns off abruptly).
I have win 98 installed in the slave hard disk so i can run win 98 when i disconnect the primary HD.
Is there a way to change the primary hard disk to secondary and vice versa so that i can boot from slave hard disk and format the primary
hard disk?
since whenever both hard drives are connected the ,pc always boots from primary HD and turns off int the middle.

i have already tried safe mode and ........

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thanks for ur answer. now i have changed my secondary hard disk to primary.
but my pc still turns off abruptly during boot process .

i have just noticed in BIOS setup that my cpu temperature on startup is 98-100 degree celsius
is it normal ?

may be it is the cause of abrupt turn off during .
am i correct? if yes is there a way to bring temprature to normal?

thanks in advance...


It isn't normal for your PC to have such an High temperature. It might be the primary reason for turning off. try cleaning up any dust and checking if all your Fans are working properly.


thanks very much.
i cleaned the heat sink with my foot-pump and now the cpu temprature is down to 73-74 degree celsius


in HHD u can see a jumper setting( where u attach power port).
for jumper setting information may be u can find on the top of HHD.
using this u can make ur HHD as slave or master


in hard disk there have a jumper setting. by changing jumper setting
u use master as slave or slave as master. see the top of HDD

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