Working with an ASUS K42F Notebook. Have a need to boot to a Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk. I find no apparent boot path to a USB drive. I do see the UEFI feature which is supposed to be the successor to BIOS. Perhaps there is a solution within this feature. Any solution in this regard is good enough for now. This is a Windows 7 home premium machine.

Seeking some wisdom on how to how one can get this machine to point to USB

Also, the setup utility is American Megatrends ver. 1.28.1119. I would ask if there might be any specific benefit to an upgrade or is it mostly hype.

Images are uploaded to a microsoft online image folder:
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As you boot, do you see anything like "F11 for boot menu"?

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As you boot, do you see anything like "F11 for boot menu"?

Using the old fashioned bios (as above there should be a button to press on starting to enter the bios) then you need to add a new boot priority ... that of the USB. A trawl in google like which button to enter bios on machine make bios etc should help.
You say you wish to use a Kapersky USB rescue disk.. USB if on a key memory stick the device must itself be bootable.( assumiong that Kapersky has not done this) then you will have to make the key itself bootable.
If the kapêrsky usb is an external usb drive with a kapersky disk in it then the same applies the disk must be made bootable.

One you have set the bios (or its latest incarnation) and the key / drive is also made bootable all should work!

Didn't realise you had accidentally double-posted.

Just had a read of your manual here and it says the following on page 32:

"If you need to run the BIOS Setup to set or modify the system configuration, press [F2] upon bootup to enter the BIOS Setup. If you press [Tab] during the splash screen, standard boot information such as the BIOS version can be seen. Press [ESC] and you will be presented with a boot menu with selections to boot from your available drives."

Please tell us if that worked. :)

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