I have a computer here at work that when you plug it in, it will turn on for 10 seconds, turn off. Then it will turn on again for 5-6 seconds and turn off. The second time, the fan runs high. The pc is an HP AIO 7320. I have unhooked everything from the board (including processor) and tried still does the same thing. Any ideas?

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Possibly the CPU overhearing? Check to make sure that the fan is secured over the CPU. If the heat sink has been recently removed, you'll need to re-apply new thermal paste between the heat sink and CPU.

Fan and heatsink in place. Just suddenly started to do this. I also removed everything from the board and did the same thing.

If you unplug all of the components except for CPU and memory (the minimum amount needed to boot) what happens? Same issue? If so, It still is likely to be an overheating issue, but if not, you have ruled out the components possibly introducing a problem.

This sounds like a power supply issue, do you have more of these computers at your office that you could try a different power adapter?

Or, a capacitor on the motherboard is failing. Sometimes it is quite obvious (but rare) when it's a problem with a capacitor on the motherboard, because one or more capacitors are visibly bulging at the top. Or, they have a brown crusty substance forming on them.

I could only imagine it being a problem with the CPU if this PC has been knocked over and dislodging the heatsink and/or fans

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