when i got home from work, my computer was turned off and the light was glowing orange. (i have an old pentium 4 2ghz gateway. cant find specifics on the model etc...).

i would try to boot up the computer and nothing, i mean nothing at all was happening.

i thought it may be a bad power supply, so i put a new one in. the power supply was indeed bad, but that didnt fix the problem.

the pwer light still glows orange, but when i attempt to boot, i canhear the cpu fan and the hard drives whirring about. but i still dont get anything in the way of booting up. nothing at all shows on the screen, i get no beep codes from the motherboard.

i'm pretty sure the hard drive is good. its relatively new and i only have a laptop, so i can't throw it in there to check it, but i'm not worried about it anyways....

any ideas?

Just curious how you worked out the old PSU was broken?

Sounds like you may have had a power surge or something like it while u were out. Try putting a new video card in there as well. It could acctually be getting all the way into windows when you turn it on and you heard all the fans start up only that you cannot see thats going on. Also depening on how old your computer is make sure that you have you 12V power going into the motherboard as well as the main power. This can also be the cause of no picture.

The last thing that i can think of off the top of my head is that if it was a surge then your monitor may have been taken out at the same time as the PSU and that is why you have no picture.

See if you can pick yourself up a decent surge protector to plug your power board into. i have a Belkin one worth about $20AU that i got free with my new monitor which has a $100000 lifetime parts warranty on it meaning that if a surge frys anything that plugged into that surge protector they will replace it up to $100000 or if the surge protector dies saving your equipment then they will replace it with a new one for free.

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