my computer is 4 years old and probably had its run downs a few times.
intel 2,4ghz quad, hard drive 500gb seagate amd graphic card 6670 realtek audio
motherboard foxconn g45M,win 7 64 bit.
the pc freezes up with black or grey screen after a few minutes of gameplay in games.the pc freezes up also in some programs like media player.theres nothing i can do only reset.
checked my graphic card where i bought it and it works fine.also theres no heating up max 70c temp.done chkdsk a few times and no problem detected. ,power supply is 500W.enough for the graphic card to maintain.Disabled aero tried other resolutions in games,i have tried disabling antivirus,cleaning up registry with cc cleaner,installed drivers for graphic card,sound.i cleaned the inside of pc for dust.I have checked for malware or virus nothing came up.
any real help will be welcome.

I know you have already checked you computer over with different programs, but I promise you - it hasn't been checked properly until it's been checked by Malwarebytes and then Superantispyware. Everybody should have these free (or you can buy a license) programs installed and should run Superantispyware regularly.

I've been using and recommending these programs for years to everyone and anyone.

Trackers, spyware, and rogue browser toolbars can paralyze a computer. The most I found an a persons computer was 1,300!

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