So, here's the problem. I got a new laptop, the Sager NP6165 during an xmas sale about a month ago. I usually just play Guild Wars 2 on it, other than that I'm just surfing youtube videos or listening to music. Sometimes my laptop just cuts off without any warning or symptoms. Only happens when I'm playing games though. At first I didn't think much of it. I just thought maybe my laptop was overheating. So I got this program called CoreTemp to check my average temperatures. Both my cores average around 51C-56C (while not ingame) and around 63C-68C (while ingame) never passing 70C. I noticed that my temperature wasn't the problem when it cutoff on me when the laptop was only around 65C. The only way I know if my laptop is about to shut off is if the mouse and keyboard become nonresponsive. Then a couple of seconds later, it'll just shut off on me. I have the latest hardware drivers for my laptop and here are my system specs if you need the info:

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
3rd Generation Intel Core i5 3210M 2.5Ghz
2.5" SATA 1TB (5400 RPM) HDD
1GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M embedded Intel GMA HD Graphics
IC Diamond Thermal Compound on CPU + GPU

I'm no PC expert, but I would really appreciate any feedback on this problem. The laptop's pretty new so I don't really think any of the hardware should be defective. But of course, there's always the possibility. Thank you for your time.

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For starters, just because it's new doesn't mean it's not defective. I've had tons of new stuff DOA out of the box.

So you did your HW drivers... did you also look for BIOS updates? Worth checking as well.

I would remove and reseat all memory, then run for a while.

Remove & reseat the vid card, then run for a while.

What kinf of Power supply do you have? Is it powerful enough to power all items on the PC? IF you are borderline on power, this could also cause issues like this.

You say it only happens when you are playing games? Is it always the same game? If different games, are they from the same manufacturer? Games stress a system's I/O bus, CPU, RAM, and video. If one of these are defective, they may encounter a situation where they generate what is called a NMI (Non-Maskable Interrup), causing a shutdown or reboot. Code bugs can do this also, which is the reason for the first 3 questions. I think it is too early to blame hardware vs. software at this point, but my experience makes me incline toward hardware.

Hm I wasn't aware that the BIOS could be updated so I'll look into that. Also, how would I go about on removing memory and the video card? I'm not too savvy when it comes to taking apart a laptop, so I might have to hitup a technician if those two are or may be the problem. And actually, it is the same game that it turns off on me, Guild Wars 2. I may have to call up Sager also if hardware is to blame.

If it's a laptop, you probably can't remove the video card. Memory location depends on the laptop model. It's usually behind an screwed on panel on the bottom, or sometime behind the keyboard. However, most laptops (i.e. dell) will come with buitl in diagnostics that you can use when calling tech support. These diags will have a mem test on them making it easy to track down defective modules.

"51C-56C (while not ingame) and around 63C-68C (while ingame) never passing 70C" 65C.
overheat sometimes cause the problem. 51C-68C not a normal temperature for a laptop and computer. to prevent high temperature clean out heatsink of laptop from dust by slightly tapping where the laptop fan (note: turn off laptop first and remove battery before tapping). used laptop cooling pad to prevent overheat.

Does that mean the issue is fixed? I don't see a follow up question in your post.

@CimmerianX sorry im busy problem still not solved. im going to a shop later for a mobo or RAM ill update later thanks in advance

Alright, so I was thinking that overheating was the problem. I'll have to get a cooling pad and see if that works out. I'm not sure how I'm able to say if the problem is fixed or not since the shutting off only happens randomly and not consistently. But I'll let you know if it hasn't happened for longer than it usually does. Thanks in advance guys.

i have the same problem,total shutdown without warning instant death basically,its totally random,it has been to a pc tech who reset it to day one ruling out software as it was completely wiped clean,it only happens while playing some games,the cpu isnt overworked,the fan isnt overworked either,the battery doesnt takeover,there is no bsod,overheating was a possible cause but the laptop doesnt work hard enough.

First go to the bios setting of your system and there select the cd rom device as a first boot device and then check the laptop.

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