yeah im not sure what topic this would be best to post in but i chose the best topic this i could think of lol...well on to the subject, im having a lil trouble with my pc, this has been happing for like 2 weeks now and it ticked me pc wont let me open more then 1 locks up and just freezes like theres no tomarrow...i thought it was the windows i installed so i reinstalled a new copy of windows i picked up at PCW and its still doing it.... :cry: .....can any one give me a few pointers on what i should do??? u can email me or post here i dont care Email , and i thank any one in advanced.


how much ram do you have? What OS do you have? What kind of CPU do you have? We need your info.

ah ok sorry...CPU = AMD Athlon XP 1.15ghz, Ram = 256, OS = Windows Xp Pro Corp Edition with SP2, and i believe my Motherboard is an MSI dont know what kind tho...if u need more info tell m cuz im not "that" great at pc stuff all i know how to do is slap them together and do a few minor tweaks....trhanks again in advanced


Hiya razor. I think your problem is in the 'reinstalled'!

Sounds like there are underlying system corruptions and problems which the reinstall simply can't fix. Perform a format and fresh install and I'm sure the thing will work fine. Don't forget to back your data up first and have your device drivers and programs ready to install.

sound definily liked a power supply problem checked voltage if low on 5vcd or 12 vcd or 3.3vcd rail replaced. If this doesn't work replaced heatsink fan on cpu with new one.