I was normally using my laptop, closed the lid normally and when I returned to use it I opened the lid half of the screen went white and the other half was multi- colored stripes, then it just went completely white, turned off the laptop and turned it back on and this time the screen was just completely black.
What happened to my hp pavilion dv5 laptop?
And how can this be fixed?

It might be a the flat cable of the display that got disconnected or broke, it might also be the screen itself which has failed> If it's possible, open the laptop and chech if the cable is still intact, if it is, the problem is most likely the screen itself. If that's the case, it might just be better to buy a new laptop, there is no problem with the HDD so you can still save all your data.

Based on personal experience, HP laptops tend to overheat. I have had my HP G42 laptop repaired twice in a span of 2 years. First time was because the system fan broke after numerous times of shutting down due to overheating. The second one was about a month ago when I had the same issue that you are having right now. The screen just went black with the power still on. At first I suspected it to be similar to the first problem until I had a technician look at it. I was told that the GPU chip needs to be replaced as it was "almost" fried due to the overheating issues. The part would cost me almost US$200 so I said screw it. He did offer me an alternative to simply repairing it for only a quarter of the cost but did not guarantee that it will last a long time. I simple took the cheap route and is still using my laptop until now error free so far. I also run Core Temp so I can monitor the laptop's running temperature limiting it to the basic programs I need to use. Nothing graphic intensive as I have learned that it is what primarily triggers an overheating problem.

Cutting the long story short, have the GPU chip checked as it is most likely to be the culprit of the problem.

that is a ram problam... open ur lappu by scroo driver and.... clean ur ram by ereser and fixx it...... tnxxxxx..... my cell no.... 918858910910

Although you will not be ready to see something on the screen, hear the laptop computer and check that it sounds as if the pc is booting. If do not hear any sound, follow the steps within the link below before moving to the opposite sections on this page.If the pc boots up and displays a login screen for the package, however the screen goes black or blank once you log in, there could also be a problem with the package. A system file could became corrupted, preventing the package from loading and leading to the black or blank screen.

Try restarting the pc initial, to envision if it's a short lived issue and resolves itself with a bring up. If the matter persists, erase your drive and set up Windows.If the image is partly visible, it's usually the case that the laptop's brightness that's set low or is being turned down by an influence setting. check that your laptop computer isn't in an exceedingly power saving mode by plugging the laptop computer into the wall. Next, attempt increasing the brightness on your laptop computer to verify that it's not the reason for your issue.

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