i can record the songs that is heard through speaker but my sound is not recorded same happens when i try voice chat..PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what? if the problem is application specific, you are probably using the wrong device as you microphone. you may also have the sensitivity too low...

no everything seems to be right ... i think there is so problem in the speech setting .....please see if you can help me any further..thanks for replying....help needed please

there is no speech setting as far as I am aware (unless this is some tech microphone you are talking about). your description is still very vague, can you elaborate more?

Most sound cards provide the ability to receive sound input from a microphone through the sound card microphone port. This may be useful for recording voice or sounds to your computer.
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try re-installing your driver for your sound card just to reset things.
sometimes it works..sometimes it doesnt.

just give it a try.

We need more details to help you. Is your microphone built in to your computer or is it a headset that you plug in.

What kind of operating system do you have?

Try this, go to your control panel, double-click on sound/audio/audio manager.

Look for the settings for your microphone and adjust them accordingly. That's the best I can offer without knowing more about your system.

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