I recently took a 4-day class and my computer had one 24" monitor and a 22" widescreen monitor turned sideways. They put the directions of the labs on the 22" monitor and I did the lab in the 24" monitor. I want to add second monitor like this to my 27", but I want to keep the cost down and I want to save desk space.

My question:
Can I take a monitor with a stand that doesn't rotate (like this), mount it vertically to a mount (like this), and only have the video to that one monitor flipped vertically?

I know that you can rotate the view of a single monitor with Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Keys, but I have never tried it with dual monitors.

Does anyone know if my idea will work?


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What operating system are you using? In effect, the short answer is yes. The long answer is "it depends". The video hardware you have (GPU graphics card) is also an important element.

Sorry, I meant to put that info in there.

Windows 7 on the computer that I will probably use. I might use a different computer with XP on it. It depends on what software I need to use, but primarily Windows 7. I'd like to find a solution for both computers.

I have a GeForce GTX 280 in my Windows 7 computer and something much older than that in my XP computer. Sorry, I'm not at my apartment this weekend so I can't check right now.

I have heard that there might be a program that I can install to get the display on the second monitor to rotate, but I'd rather not go that route if I don't have to.

What do you think?

you can rotate any monitor you want. most monitors are shown in landscape ( long said at the top) in windows 7 go to the monitor properties and flip to portrait, then l mount on your stand. (rotate software FIRST before you mount the monitor)

Ah, I see now. It's the landscape/portrait setting. Awesome!

I'm going to buy the stuff later today. I hate not knowing what will happen before I make a purchase. Thanks!

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