asus grahics card colour quality settings keep reverting to 4 bits which causes very poor quality screen colour.also the computer sometimes will not boot, but will boot into safe mode. checking system properties manager device manager does not show a problem with graphics card. any ideas.

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have you tried to update the driver?
also, the card itself might be overheating. if there's a fan on it, check to make sure the fan is actually working when the computer is turned on. overheating can cause a whole list of problems. if the fan seems to be working, and the driver is updated, and it's still doing it, there is likely something wrong with the card itself.
if your mobo has onboard graphics, disable the video card, and use the onboard graphics (or a different card) to see if the problem is still occurring.


also, check in msconfig to make sure the application that controls the card is running, and working properly.

good luck. let me know how you make out.

Also, if you have onboard graphics and it is turned on along with the graphics card, they may conflict. Go in the BIOS and check whether the onboard graphics are enabled.

Thanks to SGTME and chrisbrunke new graphics card fitted all working fine now.

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