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I am Jacob, I have worked with computers since 1975, however other than a year obtaining a computer network certificate which did entail some soft and hardware class, I am mostly self taught. I found a Pentium II Dell V-400 at a garage sale that worked, however I bought a drive erase program and crashed the system. When I attempted to load 2000 and then 98 on it, I received a "invalid system disk" error. I am sure the boot disk or cd has the right information. So my question is , is it a bad hard drive or what. Any help would be appreciated, have a great day!


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You should check the BIOS settings for the boot order. I guess the hard disk comes prior to your CD (boot disk) in the booting order. Strangely (I never understood why because I learnt it through some trials), if the hard disks boot record is improper, the system does not proceed with the boot order and flashes the "Invalid System Disk" message.

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